Welcome to Cultural Keys, the company that lets you not just see China, but experience it, too. Read on to see how CK can help you get more out of your time in this fascinating country!

About Us

Cultural Keys is the owner and operator of several divisions, all of which are aimed at providing people access to modern life and traditional culture in China. Our divisions include:

CK Culture Centre – Our culture centre in Beijing is where we present the majority of our classes and activities. We organise classes and events to help people experience traditional Chinese culture.

CK Culture Boutique – Our shop, where you can purchase clothes, Feiyue shoes, accessories and gifts related to Chinese culture.

CK Martial Hearts – Dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese martial arts. If you are looking for a path to kung fu, start here!

Cultural Keys is constantly expanding. For more information, check back often or contact us.


Cultural Treasures of China – Papercutting

Papercutting is one of China’s most famous folk arts. Probably originating sometime in the 2nd century, its possible that the techniques had already formed through cutting other materials, such as leather, even before the invention of paper by Cao Lun in 104CE. Due to paper’s perishable nature, few papercuts are preserved in the archaeological record. …

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