Cultural Keys

Cultural Keys is the owner and operator of several divisions, all of which are work to provide expats access to traditional culture in China.

Our divisions include:

CK Culture Centre – Our culture centre in Beijing is where we present the majority of our classes and activities. We organise unique classes and events to help people experience the most authentic traditional Chinese culture possible.

CK Culture Boutique – Our shop, where you can purchase hand-made Chinese art, together with clothes, Feiyue shoes, accessories and gifts related to Chinese culture.

CK Martial Hearts – Dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese martial arts through classes and information. If you are looking for a path to kung fu, start here!

Cultural Keys is also a proud member of the Expat Connection.

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Cultural Keys is constantly expanding our range of products and services with regards to life and culture in China. For more information, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.