Gifts, clothes and shoes for summer at the CK Culture Boutique!

As anyone who steps outside knows, summer is most definitely here! Whether you are staying here, heading home or taking a welcome vacation in cooler climates, you’ll definitely need to be ready. Luckily, the CK Culture Boutique has you covered for several essentials!

Feiyue Shoes

The perfect accompaniment to any activity, whether the beach, promenade or high street, our range of Feiyue shoes (some of which go up to size 47!) will keep you both looking and feeling cool all summer long!

Feiyue Classic Black/White
Sizes: Chinese 37-47
Price: 88RMB

Feiyue Classic White Mid-Tops
Sizes: Chinese 37-47
Price: 128RMB

Feiyue Spring Forwards
Sizes: Chinese 34-44
Price: 118RMB

Feiyue Hutongs
Sizes: 35-46
Price: 138RMB


Unless you plan to go barefoot for most of the summer (if you’re staying in Beijing – don’t go barefoot!) you still might need something light and airy to cover your lower half. At which point, kung fu pants are the perfect choice!

You may not have thought about it, but being thin, flexible and extremely light, kung fu pants are the perfect choice whether you’re about town, or sitting on the sofa with Netflix and a glass of wine.

Grey/Black Kung Fu Pants
Sizes: 24 – 38
Price: 68-88RMB


If you plan on going home this summer, or if you have people visiting, gifts are pretty much a prerequisite. Luckily, if it’s something Chinese related you’re looking for, the CK Culture Boutique has you covered there, too!

Vintage ‘Double Happiness’ Vases
Size: 15cm x 9cm
Availability: 2 pieces
Price: 188RMB each / 348RMB pair

Vintage Peach Plate
Size: 13cm x 13cm
Availability: 1 piece
Price: 68RMB

Chinese Charm Amulets
Size: Various
Availability: Multiple
Price: 38RMB

Special Summer Deals!

Finally, why not take advantage of these months’ specials, available only at the CK Culture Boutique!

Gift Cards

Treat a loved one to a special gift or experience with our gift vouchers! And if you buy in July, you can enjoy 20RMB off the price of each voucher! We have vouchers worth 288 and 588 for custom calligraphy, and vouchers for taichi classes and workshops. We are also happy to make a custom voucher for you. Please contact us for more information!

Buy a rubbing, get a free mask!

Our unique rubbings are sourced from the Shaolin Temple in Henan province. They are produced by rubbing ink over ancient stele in a process that does no harm to the original stele. The temple is widely regarded as the home of kung fu, and is the birthplace of Chan Buddhism, better known in the west as Zen. We stock 4 unique rubbings: The Stele of the Three Teachings; Bodhidharma Crossing the River on a Reed, the Fight Manual and the name of the Shaolin Temple, written by the Emperor Kangxi in 1744 and then carved into wood. These make an outstanding addition to any room, and are a great talking point!

Buy a rubbing in July and get a free mask from our fellow Brits over at Cambridge Mask! Please contact us in advance to check availability!

Free wood-burned plaque with July’s first custom calligraphy order!

The first person to order custom calligraphy from us in July will receive a free gift: a unique wood-burned plaque that says: 五福临门. This means ‘may the five blessings come through your door”, and these are health, wealth, longevity, virtue and a natural death! The plaque comes with an easel stand and makes the perfect gift for the entryway of any home! Custom calligraphy starts from just 288RMB and is a wonderful gift to give on special occasions, or just to have as a souvenir of your time in China.

We hope you find something you like at the CK Culture Boutique. And of course, if you don’t see something you’re looking for, feel free to let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter. We are always happy to hear from you!

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