What is Expat Connection?

Since 2018, Cultural Keys has been a proud member of Expat Connection, a gateway group through which expats in Beijing can access a range of products and services all specifically aimed at improving their quality of life while here.

But what is Expat Connection, who are the members, and how can it help you live a better life in Beijing? Read on to find out!

Expat Connection is the result of synergy between enterprises that offer a wide range of products and services to expatriates and their families. These products and services center on basic needs and leisure activities, to improve expats’ quality of life in Beijing.

Started in Beijing in 2013, Expat Connection has become a friendly and truly cosmopolitan network with many nationalities represented among its participants.

Expat Connection knows very well the challenges expats in Beijing face. For this reason, its people work with expats directly on an individual basis to meet their expectations, aiming for excellence in their quality of service and offering a boutique approach to customer service.

And with the values of Trust, Quality and Satisfaction at its core, everyone involved with Expat Connection offers creative, cost-efficient and customized solutions to the needs of their clients, with their greatest reward being client satisfaction.

Expat Connection has over 80 companies, organisations and community groups on its roster, catering to the diverse needs and expectations of the broad demographic that makes up the Beijing expat community.  Participants are presented in the Expat Connection Booklet which is available at hotels, embassies, bars, restaurants and hospitals across Beijing.

But Expat Connection doesn’t simply list companies and organisations that can provide expats with products and services that will help with their leisure and daily needs in Beijing. They also organise events throughout the year as a way for the public to meet the participating organisations, as well as events to help the companies connect with each other, develop synergy, and find ways to help develop each other’s businesses through collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

To find out more about Expat Connection, its participating partners, to discuss a collaboration or to find out about how your organisation can join, scan the QR code below, or visit their website at www.china-expat-connection.com.

Have you found products and services through Expat Connection before? How did you find out about them? Or are they completely new to you? Do you think you’ll make use of their offerings in the future? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter. We are always happy to hear from you!

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