China International Travel Service (CITS) 

China International Travel Service Limited, Head Office (abbreviated to CITS) was founded in 1954. Through its 62 years of development, CITS has grown from a foreign affairs reception unit under the State Council into a large state-owned key enterprise group integrating all inclusive services in the travel industry. For decades, it has sustained a high reputation in the international tourism market by continually offering quality service and developing new products, fully demonstrating its role as a leading enterprise in China’s tourism industry.

In June 2019, Cultural Keys was very honoured to be selected by CITS to become one of their strategic cooperation partners. Combining the strengths and resources of both parties, our two companies work to create unique, exciting and informative cultural programs for anyone interested in learning more about and actually experiencing traditional Chinese culture, as well as working together to increase public understanding and interest in China and travel to China as a whole.

For more information about the professional tourism products and services offered by CITS, visit their website at

The Shaolin Temple, Henan

Sincere 2015, Cultural Keys (under our CK Martial Hearts division) has been privileged to work directly with the Shaolin Temple Foreign Affairs Bureau to offer exclusive programs to students wishing to study short term with the Warrior Monks inside the temple.

Through that partnership, we have run 12 courses, and taken over 120 people to experience life, kung fu and culture at this iconic location.  For more information about the temple, see their website at To learn more about how you can study at the temple with CK Martial Hearts, see our website at

Feiyue Shoes

The story of Chinese Feiyue (飞跃)  shoes is not a simple one. The history can be traced back to 1920’s Shanghai, when they were a simple cloth shoe with thin rubber soles. Over the years, the style changed into what we commonly associate with the brand today, the classic white or black plimsolls with red and blue (or white) stripes. 

From humble origins to today’s world-wide appeal, amid international copyright disputes and a growing global love for the brand, the genuine Shanghai Feiyue brand has expand its range to include a variety of styles and colours, to match almost any taste and budget, and plans to continue its long march to meet growing customer demand for high quality, genuine Feiyue products. 

Cultural Keys, under our CK Culture Boutique brand, is honored to be an Official Feiyue Retailer, serving not just the Beijing community but the wider global market. For more information on the genuine Feiyue brand, see their website at To buy Feiyue Shoes directly from the CK Culture Boutique, see our store details here.

Cultural Keys is always looking for new partners with whom we can cooperate to offer more unique and culturally relevant content, products and services to our clients.

If you are interested in partnering with Cultural Keys, or for more information about anything listed here, please contact us or use the form below to let us know your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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