Cultural Keys’ happiest moments from the Year of the Pig

Failing to live up to its namesake’s stereotypical laziness, the Year of the Pig was a non-stop hurtle from project to project at breakneck speed for Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre.

While we were hoping the Year of the Pig would see us raise the profile of our company, and continue to help people access and experience traditional Chinese culture, the number of people who joined us, and the number of partners who decided to work with us, exceeded even our greatest hopes for the year!

Read on to see our happiest moments of the year, and be sure to share yours with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Chinese New Year 2020: Beijing Temple Fair Roundup

If there is one thing we all know (and definitely appreciate!) it’s how quiet Beijing generally becomes during the Spring Festival. Of course, quiet can also mean it’s a little more difficult to find fun and interesting things for the whole family to enjoy.

But difficult certainly doesn’t mean impossible, especially in Beijing! One fun way to celebrate the new Year of the Rat is to attend a temple fair, which have been traditional throughout China for hundreds of years.

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Chinese Spring Festival 2020 – A day by day guide!

Spring Festival is much more than New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Starting from New Year’s Day, the entire festival actually lasts 15 days – although some people measure it from the Laba Festival (January 2nd) or Xiao Nian (January 17th)!

Read on to find out more information about some of the most important days of the festival and the history and traditions to be aware of, as well as exactly which date they fall on in 2020! 

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Spring Festival 2020: What you need to know

Chinese New Year, called Spring Festival in Chinese (春节 Chūnjié), is the largest and most important holiday of the year in China. The coming year is the Year of the Rat and marks the first year in a new cycle of 12 years. It’s a family holiday, and most celebrating on New Year’s Eve is done at home. In the 4-5 days afterwards, temple fairs – markets selling small gifts and food with traditional performances – are also a popular way to celebrate. 

Read on to find out key information if you plan to spend Spring Festival 2020 in Beijing!

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