T&Cs: Cultural Keys’ Photo Walks and Talks

Please read these T&Cs carefully before booking or paying for any activity with Cultural Keys. By making a booking, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as written here. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, or have specific requirements, please contact us for further information.

We may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without individual, specific notice to you, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms and Conditions on our website. 

1) Cultural Keys’ Photo Walks and Talks are offered as both scheduled and private events. Scheduled events are offered to the public as per the listed details. Private events are offered to private groups and subject to the agreed booking conditions.
2) Bookings for public scheduled walks are only confirmed once payment has been received. For private walks, the payment schedule agreed upon by both parties shall be applied.
3) Cultural Keys will use all commercially viable methods to ensure the smooth operation of the walk,  according to the outlined event details. In the case where Force Majeure prevents Cultural Keys from providing the event as outlined, full refunds or rebooking shall be offered to participants.
4) Cultural Keys’ public scheduled walks have a required minimum number of participants. If that minimum number is not met within 72 hours of the event, the event will be cancelled and full refunds offered. 
5) For publicly scheduled walks, once payment has been made, we are unable to offer refunds if the participant is unable to attend and suggest participants find someone to take their place if necessary. For private walks, if the client needs to reschedule an event after payment, a mutually acceptable date can be decided upon by both parties. If the client subsequently needs to cancel the event, the following refund terms will be offered:

    • 30+ days before date of event: all fees refunded, minus logistics fee
    • 13-29 days before event: 50% of fees paid refunded, minus logistics fee
    • 6-12 days before event: 25% of fees paid refunded, minus logistics fee
    • 1-5 days before event: 10% of fees paid refunded, minus logistics fee
    • 24 hours or less before event: no refunds offered 

6) Cultural Keys walks are outdoor events and therefore subject to the weather. In bad weather (light rain, snow, chill etc) our events will go ahead. In the case of extreme bad weather (-10 degrees celsius or below, torrential rain, heavy snow etc) or heavily polluted days as decided by Cultural Keys, an alternative date may be offered for public scheduled events. If participants are unable to attend the rescheduled date, a full refund will be offered. 
7) All information presented during a Cultural Keys’ walk is the sole IP of Cultural Keys (unless otherwise stated). Information and materials, including photos, videos, presentations, handouts and topic introductions and research notes, should not be distributed to parties outside of the event participants without the express consent of Cultural Keys.
8) Cultural Keys, our staff, teachers, guides and third party partners will always make the best possible effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our event participants. However, participants in all events organised by Cultural Keys are strongly encouraged to ensure they have appropriate insurance coverage against loss or damage to personal property, personal injury or illness, medical expenses and cancellation expenses. Please note that neither Cultural Keys, nor our staff, teachers, guides and third party partners can accept any liability relating to personal injury or illness, loss or damage to personal equipment, or any other unforeseen events that occur during our events, except where explicitly compelled by the relevant laws and regulations.
9) Any and all information or advice given by Cultural Keys, our staff, teachers, guides and third party partners as part of our services, products and programs is done so in good faith, and participants accept responsibility for all actions they may take and understandings they may derive from such information.
10) All outlines, routes, summaries, itineraries, pricing and schedule information presented in documents, including but not limited to our website, social media accounts, leaflets, presentations and listings from Cultural Keys should be considered provisional until either a contract is signed or payment has been made, whichever is earlier. Where changes need to be made to products or services provided by Cultural Keys after payment has been made, a suitable alternative will be found, or refunds offered.
11) Participants are asked to understand that our walks are held in public areas, and attention from other members of the public is to be expected. This may include having your photo taken, being asked to be in photos, being stared at or spoken to by strangers. These are normal parts of life and culture in China, and participants’ understanding is appreciated. 
12) While Cultural Keys works hard to ensure the comfort and happiness of all our participants, our programs will at times include visits to areas and restaurants where standards may not be the same as those in participants’ home countries. Glass hotel bathrooms, squat toilets, spitting and smoking indoors are examples of situations you may encounter. Again, participants’ understanding in such situations is appreciated. 
13) During any Cultural Keys’ event, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure their behaviour and attitude is of a civilised, acceptable manner, and to ensure they follow necessary health and safety at the event location, and all pertinent law and order requirements of the People’s Republic of China. Failure to do so may result in the exclusion of said participant from the event, with no refund offered to those who are removed.
14) A Cultural Keys’ Photo Walk and Talk may involve substantial amounts of walking. While not particularly sterenous, participants are encouraged to ensure they are happy to and capable of walking for several hours, sometimes over uneven paving, uphill or through other challenging urban locales.
Unless otherwise stated (or agreed upon for private events), Cultural Keys’ walk and talk events are held in English, with translation from Chinese  into English, where appropriate. Please ensure you (or your participants, for private events) are able to follow English language instruction before signing up for the event, as we are unable to offer refunds if you (or your participants) are unable to follow English language instruction.
16) Participants on Cultural Keys’ Photo Walks and Talks Event under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian who is also participating.
17) Participants understand that during Cultural Keys’ Photo Walks and Talks, times and activities are scheduled. It is each participant’s responsibility to attend on time. While we will do everything possible to ensure the comfort of all participants, class times and content cannot be changed at participant request, unless expressly requested and confirmed.
18) Cultural Keys reserve the right to refuse participants access to or remove them from the event if they are intoxicated, aggressive or offensive.
19) For participants safety and wellbeing during the program, participants are asked to ensure they follow all the instructions and advice given by the coach, team leader or Cultural Keys representative. Accident, injury or loss resulting from failure to do so will be the sole responsibility of the participant in question.
20) Occasionally, photos and videos of participants may be taken during the course of the event. If participants do not want their photo and video taken, please let us explicitly know at the time of booking. Failure to so so will be taken as consent to take photos and videos of participant activities.
21) When Cultural Keys is responsible for ticket booking and purchase, a copy of your passport, with all details fully visible, maybe required. In such cases, the passport copy will be destroyed once tickets have been purchased. If you don’t wish to share a copy with Cultural Keys, you take full responsibility for booking all your tickets. Cultural Keys cannot be held responsible for incorrect purchase, and refunds will not be offered to participants who are unable to join events due to issues with incorrect ticket purchase.

Payment of the initial fee will be considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions with regards to any of the above Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact us using the form below, or alternatively see our Contact Us page for other ways to get in touch.

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