Chinese Painting Workshops

Anyone living in or visiting China has seen beautiful artworks, even if only a copy hanging in a restaurant! More so perhaps than any other type of Chinese art, due to the degree to which history, culture, beautiful scenery and deep emotional stories can resonate out of a well painted piece, paintings are a favourite amongst both art collectors and people looking to simply decorate their walls.

The traditional style of painting is called ‘Guohua’ 国画 (‘national painting’) to distinguish it from Western styles of painting such as oil painting. There are two main types of Guohua: ‘Gongbi’ 工筆, which uses colour ink and is extremely detailed with fine brushwork; and ‘Shuimo’ 水墨, which uses either black ink in various concentrations or coloured ink and is usually done in a freer style, using few brush strokes and details but conveying the essence of the subject instead.  

Traditionally, students learned by copying their master up to the point where movements became effortless. Only after this process could they add in their own style or motifs. The ‘Four Treasures of the Study’ were the main tools used for both calligraphy and painting (in fact, traditionally the two went hand in hand, and the influence of calligraphic techniques can be seen in many ‘Shuimo’ 水墨 paintings). They are the brush, usually made of animal hair; the ink, made of soot mixed with glue; paper (or sometimes silk); and an inkstone, which the dry ink was ground on and mixed with water.

In a CK private Chinese painting workshop, students can choose to learn the Gongbi style of painting (shown above) or the Shuimo style (shown below). As with all our workshops, our teachers will firstly introduce the students to the history of Chinese painting, and then the basic points of note and necessary techniques used when painting.

Once you have the essential background information, you’ll then be shown how to paint by following the teacher before being given the opportunity to get creative and paint your own masterpieces!

Traditional Chinese Painting Workshop

Location: Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre – Songzhuang, Tongzhou
Available Class Times: Workshops can be arranged Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm
Duration: 3 hours
Places: Up to 10 people (if more than 10 people, please contact us to discuss the arrangements further)
Price: Starting from 1688RMB (approx. 170USD) for 1-4 people + 188RMB (approx. 13USD) per additional person up to 10 people
Payment: Prepayment via PayPal (no Paypal account needed), WeChat, Alipay or bank transfer. Fapiao available on request.

Our custom private workshops are held at our culture centre in Xiaopu Village and limited to 10 people, to ensure each attendee gets full attention from the teacher. The price includes a 2-hour private workshop, an English presentation on the language, history and culture of Chinese painting, snacks and Chinese tea. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to take your creations home with you.

As well as the above, we are also happy to take photos of you during your workshop, which can be sent to you to share with friends and family. If you don’t want photos or video taken, please let us know.

In addition to the workshop, we are able to offer the following options:

Downtown pickup & drop off:
+700RMB (approx. 100USD) per group
A delicious lunch or dinner at a nearby Chinese dumpling restaurant:
+50RMB (approx. 8USD) per person

All of these optional extras are subject to availability. Please contact us for more information.

In addition to private workshops at our culture centre, we are also happy to arrange private workshops at your office, school, hotel or event for groups large and small. 

To arrange a private workshop for yourself, your group, staff, members or students or to book a workshop at a location of your choice, please contact us to let us know which date you would like to book. Please note that custom classes must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.

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