Welcome to Cultural Keys, a Chinese culture school that helps you not just see China, but experience it too, by offering the most authentic workshops, lectures and presentations on traditional Chinese culture available in Beijing.

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Please see our classes list below, or our classes pages above, to see the kinds of workshops we offer. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you would like to book a class, or for more information about the classes and services we offer.

If you are looking to get more out of your short-term trip or long-term stay in China, no matter what your reason for being interested in this fascinating country, Cultural Keys can help you experience more.

Our Classes

Cultural Keys’ aim is to enable visitors to China to access, understand and enjoy traditional culture in a way that is no longer so easy to do. We that do through the provision of traditional Chinese culture classes in an interesting and unique way that makes Cultural Keys one of the most popular destinations for cultural experiences in Beijing.

Our classes include:

Arts & Crafts Workshops – Held at our culture centre in the east of Beijing, our expert teachers guide students through morning or afternoon workshops in a variety of traditional Chinese arts & crafts.

Martial Arts Classes – Held in conjunction with our sister company, CK Martial Hearts, Cultural Keys offers both single day and multi-day programs, suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners alike. Our martial arts classes are available as both private bookings for groups and institutions, as well as regularly held open classes. 

Monthly Culture Workshops – While all our arts & crafts workshops are available for private bookings (for individuals or groups), Cultural Keys also offers a public workshop once a month when we teach different aspects of traditional Chinese culture. Places on these workshops are available for anyone to book.

To book a workshop or class for your group, school or company, please see the Classes option in menu above, to see exactly what we offer and what you can expect from your time with Cultural Keys!


The history and traditions of the Lantern Festival

In 2019, the Lantern Festival (Yuánxiāo jié 元宵节)falls on February 19th, the fifteenth and final day of Spring Festival. Although it’s not a public holiday, it is still widely celebrated, especially in southern China and amongst the diaspora. What’s this holiday all about and how can you celebrate it? Read on to find out!

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