Taste Testing Starbucks’ Chinese New Year Cakes!

To celebrate Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival), Starbucks released two new cakes inspired by traditional Spring Festival foods. We love seeing modern interpretations of traditional customs, so on a recent visit to Tianjin, we (AJ and Nic) decided to try them both.

Read on to find out what we  thought and to see the video! (And no, this post wasn’t sponsored by Starbucks!)

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CK Explores… Guizhou Province

This August CK was lucky enough to visit Guizhou, a province in China’s southwest that isn’t on the more well-known tourist trails. Guizhou is mountainous and heavily forested, leading to its reputation for clean air, and the development of its many minority groups.

See some of the pictures we took during our trip below. For more, check out our social media accounts, listed at the bottom of this article!

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