September 11, 2019


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Warrior’s Way 20-Day Bootcamp at the Shaolin Temple


The Shaolin Temple

Our Warrior’s Way programs are all-inclusive, starting with meeting participants in Beijing, guiding them to see some of the highlights of Beijing, then accompanying them down to the Shaolin Temple. While there, students will learn the Shaolin Tongbiquan form, Shaolin Jibengong Foundation Exercises, Shaolin Yinshougun stick form, Shaolin stretch routines and be pushed to their physical limits.

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that we have released 4 extra spaces for our September program. These spaces are for people to train one week at the Shaolin Temple. Prices start from 7888RMB per person. If you are interested in booking a one week place at the Shaolin Temple in September, please contact us for more information.

Training at the temple is complemented by one week of Yang style taichi classes and one week of qigong training, held in the early morning, plus two Chinese Sanda (punch, kick and grappling) training sessions at Tagou Martial Arts Training Academy, one of the world’s largest martial arts schools.

In all, 2019’s 20-day program includes:

– 3 nights accommodation in Beijing, in a centrally-located hostel dorm
– Guided visits to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City
– 1 week of Shaolin Tongbiquan fist form classes inside the actual Shaolin Temple, with a genuine Shaolin Warrior Monk
– 1 week of Shaolin Yinshougun stick form classes inside the actual Shaolin Temple, with a genuine Shaolin Warrior Monk
– 2 strike training class at Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School, China’s largest martial arts academy
– 1 week of morning Yang Style taichi classes
– 1 week of morning qigong stance and breathing training
– daily cardio, strength, conditioning and technique application training
– guided tour of the Shaolin Temple
– guided tour to the Pagoda Forest, Chuzu Convent, Damo Cave and Wuru Peak
– a short Shaolin kung fu performance at the Shaolin Wushu Exhibition Centre
– a performance of the Zen Music Ritual in Dengfeng
– a visit to the beautiful Sanhuangzhai scenic area
– Shaolin kung fu uniform (1 x Feiyue shoes, 3 x kung fu pants, 3 x sleeveless Shaolin t-shirt and 1 x kung fu sash)
– all transportation between Beijing and the Shaolin Temple (train and private minibus)
– 2 weeks of accommodation in Wangzhigou, a rural village 10 minutes walk from the Shaolin Temple, in a hostel dorm
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the length of the program*
– full-time native-English speaking translator and guide with you for the duration of the program
– daily photos and videos taken of you during training by a CK team member
– certificate of participation

*Excluding dinner on the 2nd and final nights in Beijing (Thursday 12th & Sunday 29th)

Something that sets our program apart from other similar courses is the fact that we have designed it to include in-depth and traditional training, introducing as many aspects of true kung fu training as possible. That means training the 5 Concepts (Speed, Accuracy, Power, Hardness (resistance of the skin and bones to impact) and Martial Intent (mental fortitude to do what you must)) together, whereas most schools only focus on the first three. Indeed, the last two are the most difficult for people to train, but without them, you are not really training martial arts.

Aside from the martial aspect of training, living in a rural Chinese environment during these programs, being exposed to the daily life and culture of the Shaolin Temple, having the opportunity to learn more about Chan Buddhism and getting an inside look at what Shaolin martial arts really means, is what we, and our past participants, believe makes our program unique.

The price for the 2019 20-Day Warrior’s Way program, inclusive of all the above listed items, is 14888 RMB (approx. $2222/£1680), all inclusive. Participants also have the opportunity to book optional extras, such as private rooms and extra sets of training clothes. Please contact us if you are interested in these additional benefits.

After an initial deposit payment of 20%, participants then have up until 1 month before the start of the program to pay the rest.

We have a maximum enrollment of 8 people on our Shaolin bootcamps. For full details of everything that is included in these programs, please see our website:

Or to book your place you can go directly to:

To watch our introductory video, please visit YouTube: or Youku:

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