The Dog in Traditional Chinese Paintings

It might be the Year of the Rabbit but at Cultural Keys we’ve been inspired by our two recent rescue dogs, Teddy and Mr. Percy, to look in more detail at the dog in Chinese history, art and legend. Each month we’ll look at a different aspect of the dog in traditional Chinese culture as well as introduce you to a few special pups who need your help!

This week we’ll look at some paintings of dogs that were created over the last 2000 or so years.

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REVIEW: ‘Beauty in Greatness Through Details’ – Exhibition at NAMOC Beijing

This past week we visited the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) for the exhibition ‘Beauty in Greatness Through Details’. The theme is small artworks (a maximum of 60cm tall or wide), and the museum clearly has no shortage of them, as the exhibition includes almost a thousand works of art over five floors of the museum! Exhibits are mostly paintings, but also include woodcuts and sculptures. 

Read on to find out more about the exhibition!

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Su Dongpo: The Vegetarian Poet

“In my dreams, I am a deer running to the land of bliss. In reality, I am a chicken to be thrown to a boiling pot”. 

Su Shi (1037-1101) wrote these lines when, facing deadly serious accusations, he was interrogated in prison. A life-changing experience, it even made the poet reconsider his diet! But how did a statesman of national prominence, once called by Emperor Renzong (1010-1063) a future grand councilor, get himself into this situation?

By Ilina Tatiana (edited by Nic Doering)

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