Su Dongpo: The Vegetarian Poet

“In my dreams, I am a deer running to the land of bliss. In reality, I am a chicken to be thrown to a boiling pot”. 

Su Shi (1037-1101) wrote these lines when, facing deadly serious accusations, he was interrogated in prison. A life-changing experience, it even made the poet reconsider his diet! But how did a statesman of national prominence, once called by Emperor Renzong (1010-1063) a future grand councilor, get himself into this situation?

By Ilina Tatiana 

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Five Things to Know About… Hexi Paintings

When you walk into a palace or temple in Beijing, don’t forget to look up! Ceilings were often painted in wonderful colours and designs! This is Hexi color painting (和玺彩画), also known as Yan Dayi (严大义), and it’s found on palace buildings or buildings related to the royal family. Read on to learn five fascinating facts about this beautiful style of painting!

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