Who was Master Wang Xizhi?

Calligraphy (书法 Shūfǎ) is now considered an art form, but perhaps you didn’t know that traditionally it was much more – a way to cultivate personal character. It was considered essential for any cultured person to be skilled in calligraphy, as well as the related skill, painting.  Find out more about calligraphy in our introduction to Chinese calligraphy (link).

Who could possibly be so famous that a reproduction of their work would sell for $48 million? The greatest Chinese calligrapher, Wang Xizhi!

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The Great Wall at Mutianyu – A CK ‘How-to-Go’ Guide

Chairman Mao said you’re not a hero until you’ve climbed the Great Wall. (That means some of us living in Beijing are heroes several times over!)

The Wall is an essential pilgrimage for both Chinese and overseas visitors, and one of the nicest parts to visit is Mutianyu.

But what makes Mutianyu so special, and how do you get there on public transportation?

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Prince Gong’s Mansion – A Beijing Must-See Site!

If only walls could talk, those at Prince Gong’s Mansion would have a lot to say! 

This fascinating location, tucked down a side street near Beihai Park has seen so much drama, intrigue and plot twists it could become its own soap opera! And yet few people have heard of it, and even fewer have time to explore the storied courtyards for themselves!

Read on to learn more about this must-visit site, and how you can get all the inside stories on our next Hidden Histories walk and talk event!

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