Create your own calligraphy masterpiece with Cultural Keys!

If there was one art form that best exemplifies traditional China, particularly the golden ages of the Tang and Song dynasties, it would be calligraphy. 

Although calligraphy is now thought of as an art form, traditionally it was much more – a way to cultivate personal character. It was considered essential for any cultured person to be skilled in calligraphy (as well as the related skill, painting).

Read on to find out how you can experience this beautiful art form on our next calligraphy workshop!

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Upcoming events from Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre; Oct-Dec 2020

The weather might be cooling, but we still have a lot to look forward to as we prepare for colder days and longer nights. Cultural Keys has a full calendar of cultural events and activities for you to enjoy over the coming weeks, including martial arts, calligraphy workshops, fan and gourd painting, an online presentation about Shadow Play, and Halloween fun for all the family!

Read on for all the details!

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福 – China’s luckiest character? 2020 Edition

At Spring Festival there are many ways to decorate, but one of the most common is to paste the character ‘fu’, 福, on doors and windows. There is evidence that this custom dates back to the Song dynasty (AD 960 – 1279).

福 is pronounced fú and means ‘blessings’. It is traditionally handwritten in black or gold ink by itself on square red paper, with the corners pointing in the directions of the compass, and it is hung up facing outwards to keep bad luck away and bring good luck to the home. It is often hung with other decorations, such as couplets and red lanterns.

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