What is Traditional Chinese Grass Weaving?

Have you heard of traditional Chinese weaving? 

Several regions around China are famous for their woven products, including Shandong, Ningbo and Longshan. You’ve probably seen them at temple fairs or for sale on the street around tourist sites. But what do you know about this beautiful art form?

Read on to learn more, including how you can try this traditional craft for yourself!

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Prince Gong’s Mansion – A Beijing Must-See Site!

If only walls could talk, those at Prince Gong’s Mansion would have a lot to say! 

This fascinating location, tucked down a side street near Beihai Park has seen so much drama, intrigue and plot twists it could become its own soap opera! And yet few people have heard of it, and even fewer have time to explore the storied courtyards for themselves!

Read on to learn more about this must-visit site, and how you can get all the inside stories on our next Hidden Histories walk and talk event!

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Feng Shui – Simple tips for a better life!

Have you ever been in an environment – an office, someone’s home – where you instantly felt uncomfortable? Perhaps the Feng Shui could have been better!

Feng Shui (‘Wind and Water’) is about living in harmony with nature and your surroundings. It is practiced everywhere, in every culture, in different ways, even if you don’t realise it. But what exactly is it?

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Visit Songzhuang Art District – A very Different Day Out in Beijing! Part 1

798 too touristy for you? Nanluoguxiang too commercialised?  Want to get out of the city and actually see something different? Then perhaps it’s time to check out Songzhuang Art District (宋庄画家村) for a fresher art experience!

Read on, and find out what treasures are waiting to be discovered in this fascinating little enclave!

Updated March 28th 2019.

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