Spring Festival 2019 Temple Fair Roundup

If there is one thing we all know (and definitely appreciate!) it’s how quiet Beijing generally becomes during the Spring Festival. Of course, quiet can also mean it’s a little more difficult to find fun and interesting things for the whole family to enjoy.

But difficult certainly doesn’t mean impossible, especially in Beijing! One fun way to celebrate the new Year of the Pig is to attend a temple fair, which have been traditional throughout China for hundreds of years.

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Cultural Treasures of China – Chinese Knotting

Chinese Knotting (中国结 Zhōngguó jié) is one of the most common folk-arts still seen in China, although most knots are now mass-produced in factories! They are usually made in red paracord, since red is the most auspicious colour in China.  Chinese knots are made from a single length of cord with the two ends entering at the top and exiting at the bottom of the knot (if you see a tassel, that’s added separately).

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Chinese painting & papercutting at the next CK Culture Workshop on November 18th!

Join us at our tranquil Culture Center in the Songzhuang Art District on November 18th for our next Traditional Chinese Culture Workshop. This month, try your hand at painting and papercutting!

Read on for more information about these fascinating subjects and how you can sign up today!

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