Access, experience, understand and enjoy authentic Chinese culture with Cultural Keys!

Want to get the most out of your time in China? Interested in learning more about the traditional culture and perhaps even experiencing it for yourself?
Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre helps expat residents and visitors experience, understand and enjoy traditional Chinese culture by providing a variety of authentic content, classes, presentations and services. 
From private workshops to team building, from children’s parties to community group presentations, read on for more information about how Cultural Keys can help you get more out of your time in China!

Chinese Culture Workshops

Based in Xiaopu Village in Beijing’s Songzhuang Art District, our tranquil culture centre offers both regularly scheduled events and private workshops in a large variety of traditional Chinese arts, crafts and activities, including:
Calligraphy Pinwheel making
Beijing Opera Lion dancing
Knot making Dragon and phoenix painting
Papercutting Face changing masks
Taichi Model making
Shaolin kung fu Sugar blowing
Traditional painting Sugar painting
Grass weaving Kite painting
Fan painting Gourd burning
All our workshops are suitable for both adults and children, with no previous experience or artistic skills needed. Each one includes a presentation on the history and culture of the subject, given by a native-English speaking guide, and is taught by an expert, accompanied by a native-English speaking translator, to ensure language is never a barrier to your experience. 

Our workshops are available for booking by private groups, companies, groups, hotels, schools or embassies, both at our centre or at a location convenient for you. We also hold monthly Chinese culture workshops that are open to everyone!

Chinese Martial Arts Programs

With Cultural Keys you get the chance to learn more about yourself and what you are truly capable of by training traditional Chinese martial arts, and experiencing the life and culture that surrounds them.
We offer traditional Chinese martial arts training to individuals and groups, both in Beijing and at iconic locations around China, such as the Shaolin Temple. These types of programs are offered several times a year, and are also available for private bookings.
Our list of programs and workshops is constantly expanding. We currently offer:
– 10 & 20 day bootcamps at the Shaolin Temple
– Shaolin and taichi martial arts workshops
– Team building through martial arts
– VIP group and 1-on-1 workshops
– Self-defence seminars
– ‘Confidence in Kids’ martial spirit workshops

Chinese Culture Presentations

While hands-on experiences are without a doubt the best way to the learn about a culture, in some situations a presentation may be the most suitable way for a group to get to know more about a new culture.
Cultural Keys offers a range of English-language presentations that we can make to your club, school, office or other large group. Our presentations include:
Welcome to Beijing – a guide to surviving and thriving in the Chinese capital
Chinese Spring Festival – the stories, language and customs you need to know 
Daily Feng Shui – tips and tricks for a healthy, wealthy and comfortable life
Yin vs. Yang – the dynamic balance at the core of Chinese culture 
The Shaolin Temple – the origins, development and modern status of a Chinese cultural landmark
Chinese Tea – learn about the history,  processing methods and benefits of different types of tea
We are constantly adding new presentations, and if there is something specific you are interested in, let us know!

Cultural Gifts

Cultural Keys offers a range of cultural gifts, accessories and art, including classic Chinese Feiyue shoes, jewellery and art that is custom-made by local artists and craftspeople.
We also specialise in offering custom-made calligraphy, produced to your exact requirements. It’s perfect for gifts, prizes or simply to decorate your home.
Our product range, which you can purchase both online and at our centre, includes:
– Custom-made calligraphy
– Chinese Feiyue shoes
– Handmade Chinese art
– Kung fu clothing
– Retro gifts and accessories
– Gift cards

Why Cultural Keys?

Our Mission Statement
Cultural Keys is dedicated to making traditional Chinese culture more accessible so that everyone can experience, understand, enjoy and embrace it without barriers
Cultural Keys, a registered company in Hong Kong, Beijing and the UK, was founded in 2013 by three expats who were inspired by the difficulty of accessing authentic traditional culture in Beijing.
Since then, Cultural Keys has been doing exactly that.
Over the years, we have developed a simple objective – making the beauty, wisdom and customs of traditional Chinese culture available to everyone. Today, through a variety of content, events, products and services, combining local experts and native English-speaking guides, we believe we are able to offer authentic, accessible, unique and enjoyable experiences unlike anyone else in Beijing.
And because we are a foreign-owned and foreign-run company, we can see Chinese culture through unique eyes, and are able to work with our expert teachers to tailor all our classes, products and services in a way that makes our content most accessible to our clients.
As a result, no matter what your reason for being interested in this country and its culture, whether at our culture centre, at your school or office, at iconic locations around China, or on our website and social media channels, when you are with Cultural Keys you truly have the opportunity to unlock the potential of China!

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