Taichi, Shaolin and Lion Dancing with CK in April!

How many different styles of Chinese martial arts can you name? Taichi? Of course. Shaolin? Goes without saying. What about lion dancing? Sure, it’s well-known! (Yes, if you didn’t know, the acrobatic displays you see at Chinese New Year celebrations are in fact intrinsically connected to the history and practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.)

What if you could train all three styles in one afternoon and, even better, for free? Or what about training on a tropical beach? If any of that sounds interesting, Cultural Keys has you covered in April!

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Cultural Keys’ Oct-Dec 2021 Cultural Event Schedule

Have we got a year for you! 2021 is full of fun and interesting events from CK – including photo walks, tours, workshops and a retreat! We really have something for everyone!

Read on to see exactly what we have on offer. Everything is open for booking, so have your diary at the ready! And don’t forget to check back often to see the latest information and updates!

Last updated: October 8th

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What are the benefits of training taichi?

Among Chinese martial arts styles, taichi, practiced morning and night around the country, is perhaps one of the most iconic and easily recognizable forms. But for all its ubiquity, it is still a very misunderstood style. And that includes why it’s such a beneficial activity.

So what are the benefits of training taichi? Is it suitable for you? Read on as Cultural Keys’ founder and taichi instructor AJ Donnelly explains more!

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