Security checks at Beijing parks: Here’s what to expect if you’re a foreigner

Can there ever be enough photos of beautiful flowers?! (The correct answer is ‘no’ btw!) Add some to your own collection this springtime!

Beijing’s very own Keukenhof is in full bloom right now! Visit Zhongshan Park (on the west side of the Forbidden City) in the next few days to see tulips, wisteria, late blossom, lilacs and peonies in full bloom! It’s breathtaking!

If you do plan on visiting, be aware that security for foreigners here is extremely tight. Read to find out what you might encounter when visiting Beijing parks or scenic spots during these still-locked-down days!

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How to celebrate the Lantern Festival!

In 2020, the Lantern Festival (Yuánxiāo jié 元宵节) falls on February 8th, the fifteenth and final day of Spring Festival. Although it’s not a public holiday, it is still widely celebrated, especially in southern China and amongst the diaspora.

What’s this holiday all about and how can you celebrate it? Read on to find out!

Updated: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, we have had to postpone our celebration workshop until a later date. This article will be updated as soon as a new date has been set.

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