Get Your Diaries Out! It’s Cultural Keys’ 2021 Event Schedule!

Have we got a year for you! 2021 is full of fun and interesting events from CK – including photo walks, tours, workshops and a retreat! We really have something for everyone!

Read on to see exactly what we have on offer. Everything is open for booking, so have your diary at the ready! And don’t forget to check back often to see the latest information and updates!

Last updated: April 30th

Below is a complete list of all of scheduled events for 2021 so far. To book, or for more information, email [email protected] or add AJDonnelly on WeChat.

See something you like but can’t make the date? Contact us to arrange a private event for you and your friends or colleagues! We’ll be happy to help you set up an awesome cultural event!


May 6thIntroduction to Chinese Painting Lecture: Find out about the history, techniques and tools used in this exquisite art form!

May 11thTianjin Spring Photo Walk and Talk: A day in Beijing’s neighbouring city feels much longer with its European architecture, riverside walks and much more! Walk along the river, see Ancient Culture Street and Tian Hou Temple and enjoy lunch on this relaxing day trip! 

May 15-16thTianjin 2-Day Photo Walk and Talk: A longer getaway to Tianjin, we add Italian Town and the Porcelain House to our itinerary from the one-day trip.

May 23rd – Calligraphy Workshop: Try your hand at this beautiful and meditative way of writing Chinese characters. Knowledge of Chinese not required!


June 3rdMasters of the Ming Presentation: Learn about the lives and art of four painters considered the best of the entire Ming dynasty: Shen Zhou, Tang Yin, Qiu Ying and Wen Zhengming. 

June 8th or 12thQianmen Photo Walk and Talk: Discover the fascinating history and details of the Qianmen and Dashilan area of Beijing.

June 20thRice Clay Model Making Workshop: Great for kids and adults alike, try your hand at this traditional way of making toys. 


July 1stTraditional Chinese Gardens Presentation: Learn about the design and planting schemes of traditional Chinese gardens, and where to see them in China. 

July 6th or 10thPhoto Walk to Hongluo (Red Shail) Temple: Transportation and lunch is included in our trip to this fascinating temple!

July 18thInk Painting Workshop: Have you always admired Chinese ink paintings and wanted to give it a try yourself? Now is your chance! We’ll find out about the history, techniques and tools involved before a two-hour workshop with an expert painter. 


August 5thChinese Zodiac Presentation: Learn about the animals of the zodiac and what they mean.


September 2ndNewcomers Presentation: The essential guide for everyone new to the capital.

September 7th or 11thSongzhuang Tour: Join us for a visit to the ‘other’ art district in Beijing! 

September 19thFan Painting Workshop: Find out about the history of Chinese fans, paint a design of your choice on a fan, then assemble it yourself!


October 7thHistory of the Shaolin Temple Presentation: Find out about the history of the temple regarded as the home of Kung fu. 

October 31stChinese-Themed Halloween Workshop: Fun for all the family at this workshop where you’ll learn about Chinese monsters and paint each others’ faces with an expert teacher!


November 4thChinese Folk Arts and Crafts Presentation: Learn about the history and techniques of paper cutting, shadow puppetry, weaving, sugar art and rice clay figurines. 

November 9th or 14thPhoto Walk and Talk to Guozijian and Wudaoying: We’ll learn about the history and stories of this fascinating part of Beijing. 

November 21stGourd Painting Workshop: Find out why gourds are so lucky and paint some to use for Christmas or Spring Festival decorations!

Nov 27th to Dec 3rdSanya Taichi Retreat: Relax and rejuvenate during a five-day retreat in sunny Hainan. With a comfortable private room at the Sheraton and 5 hours of taichi on the beach per day, this is one not to miss!

Which events would you like to attend? Would you like us to add any next year? Let us know in the comments below. We always love hearing your thoughts and insights! 

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