Krav Maga: modern combat techniques in the land of traditional styles

Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre is 100% focused on the promotion of traditional Chinese culture, with emphasis on the essential aspects, such as traditional kungfu training. But in the tradition of important schools of thought such as Chan (Zen) Buddhism and the Shaolin Temple itself, we know that we can learn a lot from other ways of thinking and training which can help us understand and improve our own styles even more.

Today, we talk to Von Ng, China director of Krav Maga Global (KMG), one of the major Krav Maga organizations in the world today, about teaching Krav Maga in China and how it compares to traditional martial arts!

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Shadow Play – A Cultural Treasure of China!

Shadow play (影戏 yǐngxì), also known as shadow puppetry, is a traditional type of entertainment in China. Flat leather puppets, manipulated by sticks, are held up against a screen with a light behind them. Accompanied by music, song and dialogue, they tell a story. What are the origins of this fascinating art form? And why did it become so popular in China? 

Read on to find out!

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