Taste Testing Starbucks’ Chinese New Year Cakes!

To celebrate Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival), Starbucks released two new cakes inspired by traditional Spring Festival foods. We love seeing modern interpretations of traditional customs, so on a recent visit to Tianjin, we (AJ and Nic) decided to try them both.

Read on to find out what we  thought and to see the video! (And no, this post wasn’t sponsored by Starbucks!)

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#GetCultured with fun activities from Cultural Keys in May!

In May we’ve got four exciting events coming up for your enjoyment! This month’s presentation is on Traditional Chinese Ink Painting. At CK we’ve often mentioned how underappreciated Beijing’s neighbour to the south is, and we are excited to be able to introduce more people to Tianjin through two guided walks to help you explore! And finally we’ll have a traditional Chinese calligraphy workshop.

Read on for more information!

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Our favourite sights from around Tianjin

Just thirty minutes outside of Beijing by express train, Tianjin showcases beautiful locations and architecture from a wide swathe of Chinese history. Go from the Confucian temple to grand European streets to river walks all within minutes in Tianjin.

We personally have been to Tianjin several times, and each time we go, we find something new to enjoy. For your pleasure, here are a few of our favourite shots from my last few visits that will perhaps inspire you to go there for yourself if you haven’t already!

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