Please help us fundraise for and rehome Teddy! 为Teddy找个家!

The CK Culture Centre has a guest staying with us at the moment – adorable pup Teddy!  科艺斯文化中心有一位客人与我们同住—可爱的小泰迪, 叫Teddy!

Teddy is a friendly, affectionate, chilled little guy who more than deserves a chance at a happy life after his traumatic past: presumably being hit by a car and then being abandoned out in the cold by his previous owner.

He is completely paralyzed from the waist down and needs to wear diapers. As a special needs dog, his care is obviously more time consuming than it would be for an able-bodied dog but it will be more than made up for in all the love and affection this gorgeous little boy has to give! 

Teddy’s spine is sadly broken

We currently have Teddy at home with us, but we already have two elderly dogs with complex medical conditions, so unfortunately Teddy can’t stay with us  long-term. Teddy also has other medical needs due to his condition which we can’t finance. So we need your help in two ways: to keep up with his financial needs and to find him a new home, either permanent or temporary.

He has already come so far in the few weeks he’s been with us – for example, he’s now a pro at using his wheelchair! From his temperament he is clearly used to living in a home, and he is great around our dogs.

Please help us by sharing the poster and photos and spreading the word! Please scan the QR codes if you’re interested in adopting or fostering, or would like to donate towards his care. Thank you!


根据兽医的说法,他遭遇了车祸。车祸后,他腰部以下完全瘫痪,需要穿尿布。 作为一只需要特殊照顾的狗,照顾他会比照顾健全的狗更费时。




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– Cultural Keys

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