Who can train at the Shaolin Temple?

When introducing our Warrior’s Way Kung Fu Bootcamp to people, the first thing we often hear is “Oh, that’s not suitable for me. I’m too old/soft/out of shape/overweight!”

While they aren’t easy programs, our Warrior’s Way Kung Fu Bootcamps are designed to be accessible by anyone, so after hearing those comments on a daily basis, we decided to write this post to let people know exactly who these programs are designed for, how people benefit by taking part, and why they really are suitable for everyone!

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Beijing International Horticultural Expo: A CK How-To-Go-Guide

Beijing International Horticultural Expo #1

Not many people in Beijing are lucky enough to have their own garden, so if that’s you, why not head north to Yanqing to see a fantastic array of gorgeous gardens? The International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 (Beijing Expo for short), on until October 7th, features around 80 individual gardens from various organisations, each of China’s provinces, and many countries around the world. There are also exhibition halls featuring the latest agricultural techniques and products.

Read on for our guide on how to get to Beijing Expo and what to see, do and eat there!

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The Great Wall at Mutianyu – A CK ‘How-to-Go’ Guide

Chairman Mao said you’re not a hero until you’ve climbed the Great Wall. (That means some of us living in Beijing are heroes several times over!)

The Wall is an essential pilgrimage for both Chinese and overseas visitors, and one of the nicest parts to visit is Mutianyu.

But what makes Mutianyu so special, and how do you get there on public transportation?

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