Su Dongpo: The Vegetarian Poet

“In my dreams, I am a deer running to the land of bliss. In reality, I am a chicken to be thrown to a boiling pot”. 

Su Shi (1037-1101) wrote these lines when, facing deadly serious accusations, he was interrogated in prison. A life-changing experience, it even made the poet reconsider his diet! But how did a statesman of national prominence, once called by Emperor Renzong (1010-1063) a future grand councilor, get himself into this situation?

By Ilina Tatiana 

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Five things to know about… Kaili Sour Fish Soup

It’s Guizhou Week across CK’s social media! Guizhou cuisine isn’t as famous as other Chinese cuisines like Beijing, Guangdong or Sichuan – for example, did you know it’s called Qian Cuisine?  (Qian 黔 is the abbreviation of Guizhou.)

One of the most famous dishes in Qian Cuisine is Kaili sour soup fish 凯里酸汤鱼(Kai Li Suan Tang Yu). Let’s find out more about this dish! 

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