Who can train at the Shaolin Temple?

When introducing our Warrior’s Way Kung Fu Bootcamp to people, the first thing we often hear is “Oh, that’s not suitable for me. I’m too old/soft/out of shape/overweight!”

While they aren’t easy programs, our Warrior’s Way Kung Fu Bootcamps are designed to be accessible by anyone, so after hearing those comments on a daily basis, we decided to write this post to let people know exactly who these programs are designed for, how people benefit by taking part, and why they really are suitable for everyone!

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Lao Beijing Traditional Chinese Culture Fair

Join CK, the Chaoyangmen Culture Center and Horizon Travel for the Lao Beijing Chinese Culture Day – it’s like all the traditional parts of a temple fair without the crowds! And not only will we have many vendors selling products inspired by traditional Chinese culture for you to enjoy, but also workshops happening all day where you can learn more about Chinese culture!

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