4-week Beginners Taichi Course

Practiced slow. Applied fast.

Easy to learn. Hard to master.

Real taichi combines health, self-defense and mindfulness, into a practice that is the quintessential Chinese martial art. Unfortunately, most taichi teachers only teach one aspect of taichi – the health part. Most people don’t even know there is more to taichi than simply feeling more relaxed and energized.

Introducing the CK Trident Taichi program

Now, join CK Martial Hearts and unlock an essential taichi experience – the Trident Taichi 4-Week Beginner’s program, where you will have the opportunity to train in all three of these fundamental aspects, and gain a much deeper understanding of what taichi is.

Our Trident Taichi 4-weeks Beginner Course features:

– 4 2-hour sessions, every Saturday morning in July

– Instruction in English, by a native-English speaking teacher

– Teaching of the Yang Style 24 step taichi routine

– Training which improves your memory, coordination, breathing, awareness, strength and endurance

Suitable for men and women of all experience and fitness levels, please note that this is a martial arts course and while there will be no fighting, there will be contact. If you are uncomfortable with that, we strongly advise not signing up for this program.

Classes will be held at Ms. Uptown Gym, in Galaxy Soho, July 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th, 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Total cost of the 4 week program is 788RMB, payable via WeChat or PayPal.

Booking and payment required in advance. Only 10 places available.

If you have any questions, please comment below or email us at info@ckmartialhearts.com. Alternatively, you can add me on WeChat at AJDonnelly.

We look forward to training with you soon!