Looking for Chinese culture gifts? Find exactly what you need at the CK Culture Boutique!

As if you hadn’t already realized, the time for gratuitous gift giving is almost upon us. Aside from the considerable stress of actually buying gifts for your nearest and dearest, finding a unique gift year after year can itself be a major headache.

But not to worry! This year, let the CK Culture Boutique take some of the pressure off you. We have gifts suitable for anyone who loves Chinese culture!

Take a look at this list of our top 10 gifts, and let us help you make this your easiest shopping experience ever!

10) Chinese Charms and Pendants


These cute little accessories, inspired by traditional Chinese mythology, are an ideal and inexpensive gift for both adults and children alike. Perfect for hanging from bags, phones or even a Christmas tree! We have a variety of styles and sizes, so you’ll find something just right, no matter the size of the hands that are receiving them!

9) Buddhist Mindfulness Beads

Do you know someone who is always under a lot of pressure? Perhaps a friend or family member stressed out by work, or a student dealing with the stress of school? Then these beautiful green sandalwood beads are perfect for them. Best of all, you don’t need to be Buddhist to enjoy the fragrance or relaxing feelings these beads bring when rubbed or counted during a meditation session. And they look good simply being put on display, too!

8) Chinese Retro

It’s not just hipsters that enjoy the look of Chinese items inspired by the styles worn in the 1960s and 70s. Such gifts are certainly not always easy to find in modern-day Beijing. But as always, the CK Culture Boutique has done the hard work for you. In store we currently have army-green shoes, bags and water (or any other drinks you’d prefer not to stand out!) bottles, all inspired by the Mao era, and all of which are sure to make a statement!

7) Buddhist Jewelry

As with our mindfulness beads, you don’t need to be Buddhist to enjoy the beauty of these pieces. Suitable for both men and women, we carry a range of colors, sizes and styles of both neck and wrist accessories that can be worn in a variety of situations, or again just displayed as an attractive decorative piece. All our necklaces and bracelets come with Chinese-style gift bags, making them a perfect present without too much thought needed.

6) Shaolin rubbings


When we aren’t at the CK Culture Boutique, Cultural Keys spends a lot of time running kung fu programs at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, which is where these stunning rubbings come from. Taken from stele inside the temple in a completely non-destructive process, these rubbings are mounted on scrolls and come complete with beautiful boxes.  They are the perfect gift for anyone interested in either Chinese history or traditional Chinese martial arts.

5) Framed Chinese calligraphy

These artistic creations are perfect for anywhere that doesn’t have a lot of space, so basically most homes or offices in Beijing! The characters are hand drawn by skilled calligraphers from Songzhuang Art Village in the east of Beijing and – even for those who can’t read Chinese – are still beautiful pieces that bring a touch of Chinese culture wherever they are displayed. We can also have a character of your choosing written to order, so just let us know what you would like!

4) Unique framed papercuts

Again from the Shaolin Temple in Henan, these hand cut pieces of art depict various Shaolin martial arts poses and Chinese Zen concepts, such as the Teaching of the Three Schools image. We have limited numbers of these eye-catching pieces, so be sure to pick them up soon if you have a martial arts or Chinese philosophy fan on your list!

3) Shaolin Temple and Chinese Zen inspired clothes and bags

We stock several types of t-shirts, trousers and bags sourced directly from suppliers at the Shaolin Temple.  The clothes are perfect for practicing martial arts and leisure wear alike, and are worn by both the warrior monks and the students who train in and around the temple.

2) Custom made calligraphy

For the ultimate unique gift this season, why not consider a custom-made Chinese calligraphy scroll? Like our framed Chinese character pieces, they are written by calligraphers in the renowned Songzhuang Art District in Beijing. In store, you can choose from a list of auspicious Chinese sayings for different occasions, such as weddings or births, or you can let us know your favourite Chinese saying and we can have the calligrapher write it out for you. You can also choose the size and paper colour to suit your needs. All scrolls come with an attractive gift box and can be ready in just 4 days. 

1) Feiyue Shoes

Feiyue shoes are what we are best known for, and are what locals, tourists and Beijing expats come to our store to find! These classic Chinese shoes come in a range of sizes and styles, from the original black and white 501 to fashionable high-tops. We also offer a 30-day exchange policy*, so you can buy with confidence that if the shoe doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for the one that does!
*Only with a receipt, providing shoes are as-bought and have not been worn outside.

Now we also sell gift cards!

Not sure what you friend or family member might like? Then why not pick up a gift card? Available in denominations of 50RMB and 100RMB, these cards can be used for any in-store purchase, so you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size or style!

Our store is extremely easy to find! We are located to the south of Solana, 200m west of Zaoying Subway Station (Exit A) at 258 Market, on the 3rd floor, unit C078. In Chinese our address is 北京市,朝阳区,农展馆北路,258市场,三层,C078.

Don’t have time to get to us? Order online, and we can arrange delivery! Alternatively, come and see us at the British Embassy Christmas market (Dec. 1st) and Flea Market (Dec. 9th) to pick up your purchases at these fabulous Christmas-themed events!

To kick off the season, we now offering a 10% discount on all in-store purchases! Simply follow our Official WeChat Account, send us a message with your name, and receive a 10% discount off your in-store purchase until the end of the year!

Of course, wherever you spend this season, and whatever gifts you give, we hope you have a great time. But if there is anything we can do to help you celebrate a little bit better, please feel free to let us know! Cultural Keys is always happy to help, in any way we can!



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