How can CK help your company celebrate Spring Festival?

Give your staff fun and unique ways to celebrate China’s most important holiday: Spring Festival! Through our products, we at Cultural Keys hope to inspire everyone to take a greater interest in and develop a deeper understanding of and respect for traditional Chinese culture and through that process, learn how to make deeper connections with China and its people. This is crucial for any organisation with dealings with China. And there’s no better time to do this than at Spring Festival!

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Spring Festival decorations always face outwards to attract good luck into the premises!

Spring Festival, also known as Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, is the main festival in the Chinese calendar, and falls on January 22nd this year. It is traditionally 15 days long, with celebrations starting on the last day of the lunar calendar (Spring Festival Eve) and ending with the Lantern Festival. It is the perfect opportunity for themed events, so if you’d like to plan a celebration or other event for your staff but don’t know where to begin, Cultural Keys can help!

Cultural Keys  offers different product ranges that are suitable for many different types of events, be it welcoming a VIP client, a New Year’s party, or a themed team building activity.

Spring Festival ‘Temple Fair’

Temple Fairs, which started as gatherings of vendors outside temples on religious festivals, are still hugely popular events at Chinese New Year. Create your own, perhaps in your lobby or other large space, by choosing from our range of craftspeople and performers to allow a range of fun experiences within a short time, such as at lunchtime! We have dragon and lion dancers, vendors of traditional goods like blown sugar animals and pinwheels, and many more!

Sugar blowing at a temple fair in Beijing

Themed Workshops

While all our Chinese culture workshops can be enjoyed at any time of year, some are especially suited to Spring Festival, whether that activity traditionally takes place at home with family and friends, or at the temple fairs held in the first few days of the lunar new year. Book a single workshop to help your team bond while getting into the festive mood, or a ‘round robin’ event where groups rotate between several workshops, allowing for a variety of fun experiences! Learn how to perform a dragon dance, try out calligraphy or painting, create sugar art, and lots more!

Lantern Festival Celebration

The Lantern Festival marks the end of the fifteen-day Spring Festival celebrations. People celebrate by viewing lanterns, eating tangyuan (glutinous rice balls with sweet fillings), guessing lantern riddles and setting off fireworks, and (apart from the fireworks!) everyone can enjoy all of those activities during this event, which you could hold for your staff or for families as part of a family event.

Spring Festival Presentations

Looking for a way to teach and engage your team on subjects related to Chinese life and culture, but don’t have the time or space for a hands-on experience? Our presentations are for you! We have two presentations for Spring Festival: our main presentation covering every aspect of the holiday in detail, and our Chinese Zodiac Presentation which covers the symbolism and characteristics of all the animals with a special focus on the Rabbit, the animal for the lunar year 2023-4. All our presentations can be either in-person or online events and all are given by native English speakers.

Hire a Folk Artist

If you’re planning a large event, party or Chinese New Year activity, why not invite a local expert in Chinese folk arts, crafts and cultural activities to entertain your guests? Cultural Keys works with local artists, performers and craftspeople who you can hire to be part of your event: to be a vendor, give a performance, create their art as gifts for your attendees, or help your attendees make their own!  All of these artists are commonly found at New Year’s fairs, known as Temple Fairs, a tradition stretching back several hundred years!

Your team might enjoy learning to lion dance!

Even if you aren’t planning a Spring Festival event in 2023, there are still several ways you can work with us to benefit your staff, clients or wider community to help them better access, understand and enjoy the upcoming Spring Festival.

  • Share details of our upcoming Spring Festival events via your website, newsletter etc.
  • Invite your staff to join our WeChat Chinese culture group for news, information and events related to Spring Festival.
  • Talk to us about discounts for your staff or community on our scheduled Spring Festival events and activities.
  • Share our Spring Festival related articles with your staff.
  • Talk to us about our range of workshop gift cards, perfect for presents or prizes at Spring Festival!

Please feel free to contact us for our full Spring Festival products brochure or to answer any questions you might have using the QR codes or contact form below!

How will you and your team be celebrating Spring Festival 2023? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts and insights on traditional Chinese culture! 

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