Language and Culture Events in Beijing – February 2023

While Cultural Keys can be considered your go-to for a variety of traditional Chinese culture activities, there are of course plenty of other fun and interesting cultural events happening around the capital every month!

Here’s our round-up of activities connected with Chinese language, culture and history for February in Beijing!

Please note: Cultural Keys is in no way affiliated with any of the events or organisations listed in this article, unless explicitly stated. We offer no guarantee about the quality of any third party events, and strongly suggest interested participants contact the relevant organizers to clarify event details before attending.

Exhibition: Beauty In Greatness Through Details  美在致广——全国小幅美术精品展

Date: January 18th 2023 – March 26th 2023
Location: National Art Museum of China | No. 1 Wusi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 中国国家美术馆 | 北京市东城区五四大街1号
Time: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 17:00 (Last admission at 16:00)
Price: Free
Payment: Reservation required via online platform:
Language: English and Chinese

This exhibition, with the theme of “Beauty in Broadness”, brings together a total of 1,000 small-scale art works collected by the National Art Museum of China, specially invited creations, and collected from across the country, covering Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, sculptures, watercolors, and crafts. Art and other types of art. With this exhibition, the National Art Museum of China advocates the benefits of seeing the big in the small, seeing the love in the small, seeing the interest in the small, and seeing the pattern in the small, and strives for subtlety and the vastness.

Hike: Huanghuacheng Lakeside Wild Great Wall Hike  黄花城湖畔野长城徒步

Date: February 11th 2023
Location: Huanghuacheng Lakeside Wild Great Wall 黄花城水长城
Time: 6am-5pm
Price: 300 RMB each (minimum of 3 people)
Language: English

Huanghuacheng lakeside wild Great Wall is the most photographed section due to its precipitous mountains, unique construction style, and attractive scenery; many of the Great Wall photos published recently are taken here. Its a very enjoyable walk on top of a well preserved Great Wall. More information:

Language: Valentine’s Day Chinese Corner at That’s Mandarin

Date: February 14th 2023
Location: That’s Mandarin Beijing, 3/F Building 4, 12 Xinzhong Road B
Time: 6-7pm
Price: 30RMB per person
Language: English and Chinese

Contact That’s Mandarin on WeChat for more information.

Lecture and Discussion: The Awkward Position of Missionaries in Chinese History  讲座和讨论会:传教士在中国历史上的尴尬地位

Date: February 18th 2023
Location: 1 Jiudaowan Zhongxiang Hutong (southeast of Beixinqiao subway station), Dongcheng District, Beijing 北京市东城区九道湾中巷胡同1号(北新桥地铁站东南边)
Time: 15:00 pm – 16:30 pm
Price: 150 RMB (100 RMB for students, members of The Hutong or members of the RASBJ)
Language: English

From the time of Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit missions of the 16th century, missionaries have played an important role in Chinese history. By the 19th century, the missionary promised both new forms of educational and hygienic modernity while also being seen by the people as a possible threat to the established order in this world and beyond. How did the people of late imperial China perceive missionaries?

In 1870, tales of kidnapping and sorcery swirled around the city of Tianjin. The local magistrate wants to investigate the charges of witchcraft being made against a group of Catholic nuns. The French consul insists the missionaries are protected from prosecution by treaties signed with the Chinese government. In the middle is a hapless Manchu official unable to keep the peace. On June 21, 1870, the city of Tianjin exploded into a day of rage and violence which shocked the world and revealed the perilous position of missionaries in 19th-century China.

Join writer, historian, and storyteller Jeremiah Jenne for this talk and discussion about the role missionaries played in Chinese history.

More information:

Walk: The Temple of Heaven by Night with Beijing Postcards

Date: February 25th 2023
Location: The Temple of Heaven North Gate
Time: 6.30-9pm
Price: 300RMB per person
Language: English

Contact Beijing Postcards on WeChat for more information. 

Exhibition: A Literary Legacy at the Palace Museum

Date: Runs until April 2nd 2023
Location: The Palace Museum
Time: 8.30am-4.30pm
Price: 40RMB per person
Language: Chinese

An exhibition of the culture of the highest level of the imperial examinations. Visit for more information.

What events are you looking forward to this month? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts and insights on traditional Chinese culture! 

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