Spring Festival 2020: Allow Cultural Keys to help you host a Spring Festival to remember!

Spring Festival is the cultural highlight of the Chinese calendar, and it’s the perfect time to experience many traditional Chinese cultural treasures.  But as important as it is, not everyone has the time or insight to be able to put together a program that is perfectly designed to help participants get the most out of it. 

To address that, Cultural Keys has put together a special Spring Festival program for hotels, embassies, schools and companies, perfect for your staff, guests or clients, that introduces them to the history and traditions of Spring Festival and allows them to try one of a variety of cultural experiences for themselves.

Spring Festival Calligraphy Experience

Calligraphy is one of Cultural Keys’ most popular products, and is the perfect gateway into the traditions of Spring Festival. 

This experience combines a forty-five-minute English-language presentation on the history, culture and language of Spring Festival and a two-hour workshop given by one of our professional calligraphy instructors. Participants are able to enjoy a hands-on experience with one of China’s most treasured cultural activities and do so from an informed perspective.

For our special Spring Festival program at the location of your choosing, participants begin by learning how to write the Chinese character fu 福, the most auspicious and traditional Spring Festival character, followed by writing Spring Festival couplets, auspicious phrases written on red paper that are placed either side of doors before Chinese New Year to welcome in luck.

This special event can be held at your hotel, in a function room or lobby. We would also be more than happy for your staff, guests or clients to join us at the Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre in Tongzhou if that would be preferred.

Something Different

Writing couplets is only one of the traditions of Spring Festival. If you wanted to offer your guests something slightly different, Cultural Keys would be very happy to help! In fact, we have a range of cultural activities that you can choose from.

Any one of the following activities could be offered together with the Spring Festival history and culture presentation. Alternatively, you could offer several activities over the course of the day.

– Knotting

– Dragon and Phoenix writing

– Sugar Art

– Lantern painting

– Making rice dough figurines

– Grass weaving

Why choose Cultural Keys?

Cultural Keys believes more than anything that to truly understand something, you must not only learn about it, but actually experience it. It is through the combination of knowledge and experience that real understanding is gained, and the true beauty and value of something can be appreciated.

Cultural Keys is dedicated to making traditional Chinese culture more accessible so that everyone can experience, understand, enjoy and embrace it without barriers.

As a foreign-run company, we have a unique perspective on what foreigners like to learn and how they want to experience Chinese culture, and we know the best way to help do exactly that.

We have spent several years researching and developing each of our services, to ensure that they reach the highest quality of content and presentation. 

Based on our hard work and commitment to the highest standards, as you can see from the testimonials of many of our satisfied clients, you can rest assured that when you book with Cultural Keys, you are booking with the best of the best in Beijing!

For prices and more information, please scan the QR code below or email us at [email protected] From all of us at Cultural Keys, we wish you the happiest of Spring Festivals and all the best for the Year of the Rat! 恭喜发财!

How could we help your company this coming Spring Festival? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We always love hearing from you!

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