Cultural Keys’ happiest moments from the Year of the Pig

Failing to live up to its namesake’s stereotypical laziness, the Year of the Pig was a non-stop hurtle from project to project at breakneck speed for Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre.

While we were hoping the Year of the Pig would see us raise the profile of our company, and continue to help people access and experience traditional Chinese culture, the number of people who joined us, and the number of partners who decided to work with us, exceeded even our greatest hopes for the year!

Read on to see our happiest moments of the year, and be sure to share yours with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Sharing the Spirit of Shaolin at the temple and beyond

Cultural Keys is probably best known for the programs we run in cooperation with the Shaolin Temple in Henan each year. This past year, for the 4th consecutive year in a row, we twice went to the temple with participants from seven different countries to experience the life, kung fu and culture synonymous with the iconic institution and the warrior monks who train and teach there.

We also started teaching traditional Shaolin kung fu workshops in Beijing for the first time. In both November and December we held sold-out classes and introduced over 30 people, young and old, to the spirit of Shaolin at events that were as fun as they were hard work for everyone involved. 

We look forward to offering more workshops and long-term traditional classes in Beijing and at the temple this year. Learn more about our 2020 Shaolin programs by visiting our sister site at

Strategic Cooperation with China Travel Services

Having your company be recognised for what it contributes to its chosen field is not usually something businesses aim for, but it is a great feeling nonetheless. When we were contacted by CTS, China’s largest travel services provider, who were interested in working with us to improve current tourism services in China and develop new cultural programs for foreign tourists to China, we knew we must be on the right path.

Since signing our strategic cooperation agreement, Cultural Keys has been welcomed at several exclusive cultural events, from Inner Mongolia tourism showcases to Beijing Opera displays and has submitted feedback reports on how to improve access to information and services for tourists.

In 2020, Cultural Keys will work closely with CTS, leveraging their resources and our knowledge to offer an even greater range of cultural activities to our clients. Learn more about CTS and the services they can provide visitors to China on their website.

Cultural events and satisfied participants

We have been trusted by many groups throughout the Year of the Pig to provide them, their guests and clients with the best, most authentic cultural experiences in Beijing. It is because so many people have joined us that we continue doing what we do, and love every opportunity we have had to share our love and understanding of Chinese culture.

It was also because of people’s interest and enjoyment of what we do, as well as their valued feedback, that we were able to enter TripAdvisor’s list of Top 10 classes and workshop providers in Beijing. For a small company like ours, that is a huge achievement, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped us get there!

Starting from just 6 products at the end of 2018, heading into the Year of the Rat we now offer more than 20 cultural activities, including fan-making and lion dancing, not just for small groups but for large delegations and companies for team building too. To see the full range of services we now offer, visit our website here.

Working with the children of Blossom Montessori

Before 2019, we hadn’t had much experience in introducing young children to the fascinating world of traditional Chinese arts and crafts. All of that changed when we started a monthly workshop for the children of Blossom Montessori, one of Beijing’s best educational options for children, and a partner with Cultural Keys in Expat Connection.

The youngsters come to us with a sense of wonder that we always find so inspirational. Their genuine interest and curiosity in anything new, and willingness to just jump in and learn new skills through experimentation and just having fun is definite a highlight of our months and something we hope we can find more of for ourselves!

To learn more about Blossom Montessori and what they can offer your children, visit their website here.

Seeing in 2020 on the Great Wall

Perhaps the highlight of our Pig Year was the amazing invitation from WOORI Media PR company to spend New Year’s Eve on the Great Wall at Badaling. WOORI is working with a new RV company in China, helping develop the RV tourism industry here. 

With a massive fleet at its disposal, together with Cultural Keys, WOORI hopes to expand to offer RV experiences to not only Chinese nationals but to foreign clients, including cultural activities, both in Beijing and around China.

For more information on how WOORI can help your company develop further, faster, visit their website here.

And so on to the Year of the Rat….

The Year of Pig was busy, to say the least. We are so very grateful to all our guests, customers, partners and audience for your continued support and the opportunities you have given us. 

And it’s because of that support that we will be continuing to work our hardest into the Year of the Rat, and beyond, to continue to find new and interesting cultural products to offer our clients, to help people access and understand more about the cultural treasures of China, and ensure that everyone who wants to can unlock the potential of China!

How was your pig year? Did it live up to your expectations? What are you most looking forward to in the Year of the Rat? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter. For more information about anything listed here, please contact us or use the form below to let us know your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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