Current Entry Restrictions for Scenic Spots in and Around Beijing

As we may have mentioned once or twice over the past few weeks, now is the best time of year to see Beijing at its most beautiful!  Having said that, it would be irresponsible of us to suggest people get out and about right now, both because we’re in the middle of the Labour Day holiday and because of the current coronavirus situation.

While China and especially Beijing have managed to control the situation very well, it is only through continued vigilance and caution that we can avoid a second wave and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and sound.

Of course, once the holidays end (officially May 6th) and the crowds thin, it would be a great time to get out and start taking in the sights and sounds again! And if that’s something you plan on doing, this list of entry requirements for Beijing’s top scenic spots, compiled by the experts at Amber Travel in conjunction with Cultural Keys, will be invaluable!

Beijing Great Wall Sections Entry Requirements

The Great Wall at Mutianyu

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Beijing Imperial Sites Entry Requirements

The Summer Palace

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Beijing Parks Entry Requirements

Zhongshan Park

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Beijing Temples Entry Requirements

Red Snail Temple

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Beijing Scenic Spots Entry Requirements

Fragrant Hills Park

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Please note:

    • Ensure you search for an Official Account, not for a WeChat ID. 
    • A green ‘Beijing Health Code’ is required to enter every scenic area and sightseeing attraction
    • A temperature check is necessary at every location
    • There are two time periods for entering: morning and afternoon
    • Please note that you must enter scenic areas and sightseeing attractions according to the date and time period of successful reservation
    • If you don’t make a reservation (or register if it is compulsory) you will not be allowed to enter
    • The indoor areas of most attractions are closed at this time
    • Policies are subject to change at any time; it is always better to double check before you plan your visit!



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And there you have it! Thank you so much to Amber Travel for the time and effort they put in to researching all these locations and compiling it in an easy to read list. Hopefully this breakdown will make your travel around Beijing and bit easier in the coming weeks. There is no knowing how long these restrictions will last, but at least forewarned is forearmed!

Have you experienced any difficulty getting into places? Do you have any tips for visiting places not listed above? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Have a question about anything Cultural Keys related? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page. However you choose to get in contact, we always love hearing from you!

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