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Making the beauty, wisdom and philosophy of traditional Chinese culture available to everyone has always been our goal at Cultural Keys, and arguably nowhere is that more important than at embassies, where cultural exchanges are at the forefront of building good relationships between governments. 

Read on to find out more about how CK helps embassies!

Why is Chinese culture important for embassies?

The world is at (and has been for some time now) a crossroads, or perhaps many crossroads.  Which way we go next (as individuals, companies, socio-economic groups, nations and more), will be influenced by many factors, including economics, national borders, personal beliefs, political bias and more. At the centre of many of these intermingled and diverging paths is China, and which path is ultimately taken in many cases will be influenced by China, to a greater or lesser degree. So an understanding of China by people at all levels of society is crucial. 

Individuals, be they business leaders, normal citizens or even tourists, can help promote an interest in and understanding of China through hands-on experiences, by sharing information through presentations and discussions, or simply by making cultural news and content about China more easily available. Knowing more about China, Chinese culture and everyday life here, will be of great benefit to the world (as our founder has mentioned before).

Embassies are immensely important in the field of cultural exchange and cross-culture performance, often serving as a hub for official visits and point of reference when leaders and politicans want to know what is happening ‘on the ground’ in countries of interest, like China. Cultural Keys feels that providing embassies with access to authentic, accessible and unique cultural programs is of vital importance!

How CK helps embassies

Cultural Keys offers a variety of products related to Chinese culture. See our recommendations for specific groups of people below!


Offer your new arrivals experiences and information to help them settle in, before or after they arrive. Our specific product suggestions include:

  • ‘Beijing Newcomers’ Orientation’ presentation
  • Traditional Chinese folk culture demonstration
  • Chinese calligraphy or knotting workshop
  • Traditional Chinese culture ‘Round Robin’ event

Staff families

Understanding and experiencing Chinese culture helps with engagement in Chinese life. We have extensive experience of organising events such as cultural workshops, presentations and tours. Our specific product suggestions include:

  • Events to celebrate festivals
  • Chinese painting, calligraphy or taichi workshops
  • A series of presentations, either in-person or online
  • Wellness programs, including martial arts, talks and workshops

VIP visits

We hope that the Year of the Rabbit will offer opportunities for the resumption of exchange visits between China and the rest of the world. Cultural Keys provides Chinese culture events and activities to welcome visiting dignitaries. Our specific product suggestions include:

  • 1-hour calligraphy workshop
  • 1-hour Chinese dough figurine workshop 
  • 1-hour Beijing Culture presentation (in English) 
  • 1-hour taichi workshop

Embassy staff

Team building through activities such as culture workshops, tours and presentations has been shown to be extremely valuable in the workplace. Help your team bond and grow through engaging cultural experiences. Our specific product suggestions include:

  • Team building through Chinese folk stories workshop
  • ‘Shaolin Temple’ interactive presentation for team dynamics
  • Exploration of Old Tianjin: A team scavenger hunt
  • Traditional Chinese lion dancing

Wider community

Help your extended community go beyond the Great Wall and get deeper into Chinese culture to further enjoy their lives here by including us in your community events or sharing our private or scheduled events with them. Our specific product suggestions include:

  • Cultural Keys’ monthly public Chinese culture presentations
  • Traditional Chinese life and culture: Pub Quiz Edition!
  • Hire a craft artist: A Chinese craft master for your community event
  • Traditional Chinese festival celebrations

What else can we help you with?

All our products can be tailored to your specific requirements! 

Click here to download our brochure for embassies: Cultural Keys’ Embassies Product Brochure – 2023 (Full Size)

See the contact card below for ways to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help! 

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