News Round-up: The past week in Chinese culture

Every week we share a round-up of recent news stories we’ve seen about traditional Chinese culture! Just click the section titles to view the full articles.

Songs help sailors maintain the rhythm of their work

Sea shanties (or chanteys, as they are called in this article), have almost entirely disappeared from modern seafaring (although one did get to number 1 in the UK charts last year!). 

In China, efforts have been made to record the shanties sung along the Grand Canal, which runs between Hangzhou and Beijing, and the canals in Wucheng, Shandong Province. 

“The rhythmic songs helped the sailors row in sync, and maintain both speed and direction. In other words, the person leading the chantey chorus influenced and unified the pace of work.”

Scrolling the fight against the pandemic

If you love Chinese ink paintings, these modern paintings of scenes from the pandemic look strangely familiar. They are painted by Chen Zhijie in the traditional style, and are full of intricate detail. No wonder they have been compared to the most famous Chinese painting of all!

Cultural Keys Explores Guizhou Province

Cultural Keys recently visited Guizhou. See some more pictures from our trip in this article! And feel free to let us know your suggestions for great places to visit in the province in the future!

Let us know your thoughts on these stories in the comments below. We always love hearing your insights on traditional Chinese culture! 

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