Feng Shui – Simple tips for a better life!

Have you ever been in an environment – an office, someone’s home – where you instantly felt uncomfortable? Perhaps the Feng Shui could have been better!

Feng Shui (‘Wind and Water’) is about living in harmony with nature and your surroundings. It is practiced everywhere, in every culture, in different ways, even if you don’t realise it. But what exactly is it?

Feng Shui provides guidelines to enhance the flow of energy through your environment by placing items carefully, to maximize the potential in your life. Just as a plant won’t grow well in the wrong environment, neither will a person. When you feel good in your environment, you will thrive!

Here are some tips to help you improve the Feng Shui of your home!

1) Balance is important. Principles like not too hot or too cold, not too soft or too hard seem obvious, but the principle applies to everything. For example, break up very angular furniture with some curved pieces.

2) Clear the clutter. Too much stuff will prevent the energy flowing freely throughout your home.

3) Use natural materials. As well as being better for the environment, being around nature reduces stress. Add a few plants for the same reason (and learn how to take care of them properly – dead/dying plants are definitely not good Feng Shui!

4) You might like to go a little deeper into Feng Shui and use the cardinal directions to enhance your life. For example, the north area of your home represents your career. In different areas, different elements can be beneficial or detrimental. For example, in the north you would want to avoid earth (ceramics and glass) and wood. You can add water (a small water feature) and metal (metal shelves, decorations etc) to enhance your career.

5) Buying lots of Feng Shui ‘trinkets’ (for example, a coin frog) is only beneficial if you really like them and they don’t become clutter. In and of themselves they will not help improve your Feng Shui.

Did you find this article useful? Do you believe in Feng Shui, or think it’s all hocus-pocus? Let is know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter. We are always happy to hear from you!

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