Mooncakes for the WHOLE Family at CK’s Mooncake Workshop!

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in a slightly different way this year! Join Cultural Keys and Louise from Pet Pamperaz for a mooncake workshop with a twist – we’ll be making mooncakes for our furry friends!

PLUS! Read on after the event details to learn more about Chateau Canine, Beijing’s best resort for giving your furry friends a vacation they’ll never forget!

Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a time to get together with the family and enjoy dinner. This year, your dog needn’t be left out! At this fun workshop we’ll be making 4 flavours of mooncake for your dog: Pumpkin & Duck, Cranberry & Sweet Potato, Egg & Chicken and Vegetable.

And of course, you can the same method at home to make delicious mooncakes for people to enjoy too!

The workshop will be held at our culture centre in Songzhuang Art District, and after a delicious dumpling lunch you’ll have free time to explore the area.

Well-behaved small dogs are welcome to come too; please let us know in advance if you’d like to bring your pup!

All materials, refreshments, a dumpling lunch and transportation are included for just 388 per person, or 688 for two people! You’ll also be able to buy packages of pre-made mooncakes to give as gifts.


09:00Pickup at Tuanjiehu subway station
10:00Arrive at the CK Culture Centre
10:10Presentation on the history of Mid-Autumn Festival
12:30 Lunch
15:00Arrive back at Tuanjiehu subway station

Please add AJ on WeChat (AJDonnelly) for more information and to sign up!

Please note: Min. 6 people required for workshop to run. Prepayment required to confirm your place. Transportation departs from Tuanjiehu at 9am sharp. 

Are you a fan of Chinese Mooncakes? What’s your favourite flavour? If you could make any flavour you wanted, what would it be? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter. We are always happy to hear from you!

But wait! There’s more! If you really love your little fur babies, why not consider giving them a real treat for the coming October holiday (or anytime!) and send them them to Shunyi’s exclusive Chateau Canine!

The Chateau, run by husband and wife PJ and Linny, was founded in March 2016 to provide Beijing’s discerning dog lovers with a comprehensive range of useful advice, products and services that ensures their pets are healthy, happy and safe while enduring the complexities of living in China.

With so many holidays coming up, we took a few minutes to talk with the Chateau’s ‘Head Hound’ PJ, to find out more about what they do, and why it’s the best holiday your pup could ever get!

What exactly is Chateau Canine, for those who have never used your services before?

Chateau Canine Pet Service (Beijing) Co. Ltd was established in Feb 2016 and is located in Shunyi. We provide top of the line services for your best friend, including two Five Star dog resorts, imported top quality dog food, treats, toys as well as a range of training and dog walking services around Beijing. Join hundreds of Beijing’s best-looked-after pups and try Chateau Canine’s range of products and services.

What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you or the Chateau?

We serve thousands of meals every month to our clients, and we also take care of the “back end clean up”; as a result, we see the direct effects of the various dog food products on the market more than any owner or vet. This gives us a strong understanding about which dog foods are good, which products less so and which products are more suitable for different types of dogs.

Why do customers enjoy using your services?

The most common feedback that we have is that our level of communication while a pup is in our care is just top shelf. Owners know that we are as transparent as possible and therefore they feel at ease with our services as they know what is happening and we are always available to answer their questions. Additionally, for the high-quality imported products that we sell, whether it be food, or toys or treats, we have a wealth of experience in this area and a cohort of doggies all keen to do “product testing”.






What are your hopes for the future of your company?

We are a small business with no grand schemes or designs on global expansion, we love our work with dogs every day and hope to provide a continued high standard of care for our doggy guests here in Beijing. Product wise, 2018 saw a year of research for us, searching the world for the best products available out there for your dog. Whether it be dog food, or balls, or Frisbees or clothes, we have reviewed what is on offer. In 2019, we have been importing the best of what’s out there into Beijing for our clients, so that they know they are getting the right information and a legitimate, real product, not some knock-off from Baopal or Taobao! 

What is your philosophy towards business?

When it comes to working with someone’s family member, client trust is paramount, trust that is garnered through professionalism and transparency. We endeavor to be continually improving and raising the bar. Those clients who have been with us since the beginning have seen our improvements over time. Whether it be our new facility which we have just built, or our ever-increasing range of quality products, our clients know that what we offer is not just the best in Beijing or China, but at the forefront from around the world.

We at Cultural Keys can testify the great service you can expect from Chateau Canine, having used their services many times! For more information about PJ, Linny and the whole team, or to find out more about how they can help your littles ones, see their website at 

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