Join the Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop and experience real kung fu!

Spirit. Determination. Courage. Perseverance. Strength. All these qualities are necessary to live a happy, healthy, successful life. All these qualities are also what you develop through training Chinese Kung fu! Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or ability to go to the Shaolin Temple for a year or two to discover the true meaning of kung fu.

But for those who still want a taste of traditional Shaolin kung fu culture and training, join Cultural Keys on Sunday, December 15th in Beijing for our next Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop!

What is the Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop?

Training Shaolin martial arts develops confidence, spirit, willpower, determination and strength, to name just a few of its benefits. The Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop is a 3-hour, one-time class designed to allow everyone, regardless of age, level of experience or fitness, to be able to experience what traditional Shaolin martial arts training involves, and to see what benefits can be gained from long-term training. 

You will sweat. You will burn. You will push your body in ways you have never done before. You will want to stop. But after 3 hours of training, you will definitely have a better idea of the true meaning of Shaolin kung fu and of Shaolin Spirit!

What kind of training is done?

Across the 3-hour workshop, a variety of training methods will be practiced, including:

– Shaolin-style HIIT cardio
– Shaolin fundamental stance training
– Shaolin stretching routine
– Traditional speed, accuracy and power training
– Shaolin punching and kicking techniques

Participants will also learn a short Shaolin routine. The session will end with a qigong breathing warm-down.

Who is the Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop suitable for?

While everyone eligible (8 years and older) is very welcome to join this one-time workshop, the program is especially suitable for people with no experience in martial arts, who are looking to try Shaolin training to see if it is suitable for them in the long term.

We welcome children (8+) to the workshop, particularly those training with their parents. A discount is offered to parents and children training together.

There will be no sparring during this workshop, and it is not a ‘fighting’ class. There will be no competition between participants, but there will be some light contact while training. While all fitness levels are welcome, do please note that if you are extremely unfit, it may limit your ability to fully benefit from the workshop.

Please note: Neither Cultural Keys, Jin Shang Yuan, nor any of our teachers or staff accept any responsibility for your personal health or ability to undertake this workshop. If you think that your health might be a concern during this workshop, please consult your health provider to determine if this workshop is suitable for you before signing up.

What else do I need to know before signing up?

The Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop is a serious martial arts workout. By joining this event, you understand and agree to the following;

1) You don’t need any experience or high fitness to join this class. But you are expected to give 100% effort!

2) This workshop is suitable for beginners, and for adults and children 8+. But it is a traditional Shaolin-style workshop, which means it is strict and students are expected to give 100% effort.

3) All students are expected to show discipline, focus, to listen and to show respect to the teacher.

4) This will be an intense, hard workout. There is ZERO competition, but you are expected to give 100%, whatever your level is.

5) Younger students won’t be expected to train as hard or as focused as the adults, but everyone will be expected to take the class seriously.

6) No praise is given in a Shaolin Warriors’ Workshop. You will not be congratulated for working hard, but you will be pushed to work harder! If you don’t like being told to train harder, then please don’t sign up!

7) The traditional Shaolin way of training, and teaching, is completely different to most martial arts classes in Western countries. Please do not come expecting a relaxed workout, or fun socialising event. You will be pushed for the entire class, and will be expected to train throughout, at whatever level you can best push yourself to.

8) Children 14+ are welcome to train alone. Children 8-14 must train together with an adult.

We want as many people as possible to experience and benefit from this kind of training, but you must be willing to make the effort to do so. Everyone is welcome, and no one will be judged. But please be ready to work hard! 

If you are unable to accept the above conditions, please do not sign up for this workshop.

What are the full details of the workshop?

Date: Sunday December 15th 2019
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: Jin Shang Yuan (Liangmaqiao)
Places: Limited to 20 people
Cost: Adults 200RMB | Children 100RMB | Parent and Child 250RMB
Dress code: Participants should wear comfortable, loose clothing and light, flat shoes
Registration: Sign-up and payment required in advance. Please scan the QR code on the poster to sign up or ask questions.

We look forward to you training with us!

Have any questions about this awesome kung fu experience? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We always love hearing from you!

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