Prince Gong’s Mansion – A Beijing Must-See Site!

If only walls could talk, those at Prince Gong’s Mansion would have a lot to say! 

This fascinating location, tucked down a side street near Beihai Park has seen so much drama, intrigue and plot twists it could become its own soap opera! And yet few people have heard of it, and even fewer have time to explore the storied courtyards for themselves!

Read on to learn more about this must-visit site, and how you can get all the inside stories on our next Hidden Histories walk and talk event!

The mansion, actually a large complex of buildings and courtyards in typical Chinese style, was built in 1777 for one of Emperor Qianlong’s officials, Heshen.

Heshen began his career as a bodyguard at the Imperial Palace and almost immediately impressed Qianlong. Within just a few years he had risen through several ranks that usually took decades to obtain and had become Minister of Revenue, one of the highest positions in the empire. In 1790 his son married Qianlong’s favourite daughter Hexiao. With such power he quickly became corrupt, raising taxes to steal the extra funds and causing misery to millions.

After Qianlong’s death Emperor Jiaqing was able to punish him, and he was ordered to commit suicide. He’s remembered as the most corrupt official in Chinese history!

In 1851 the mansion was given to Prince Gong, who was in some ways similar to the previous occupant! He was also accused of corruption and died in disgrace, but not to the same extent as Heshen. In fact he was extremely intelligent and forward-thinking, lead the Grand Council, and was instrumental in modernising China and establishing stronger ties with the Great Powers (Britain, France and Russia).

After the end of Imperial China, the mansion became Furen Catholic University and later an air conditioning factory!

But the culture, influence and reasons to visit this beautiful location run much deeper than a few paragraphs can describe. With its stunning architecture and the fascinating history of its occupants, Prince Gong’s Mansion is the ideal place find out about a lesser-known side of Chinese history!

Want to learn more? Then join the CK Hidden Histories walk & talk event and find out about the history of the building, the trials and tribulations of the people who lived there, and the impact they had on China. 

Led by amatuer historian Chen Shao Ting, the walk finishes in the classical Chinese garden where you are free to relax as long as you wish!

CK Hidden Histories Walk & Talk at Prince Gong’s Mansion 
Date: Friday June 14th
Location: Prince Gong’s Mansion (恭王府)
Starting time: 9.55am Beihaibei (Line 6)
Ending time: 12.00pm
Payment: Prepayment required. WeChat, PayPal, or Alipay accepted

This Hidden Histories walk & talk at Prince Gong’s Mansion is just 188RMB per person or 358RMB for two people! The price includes the entrance ticket as well as the walk and talk itself.
If you have any questions, or would like to confirm your place, please email us at [email protected] Alternatively, add AJDonnelly on WeChat.  
Please note: we are unable to offer refunds and all bookings are final. All attendees are required to book 24 hours in advance. This program will begin promptly at 9.55am. If you arrive after this time, you will need to make your own way to the walk location. Five people minimum are required to run this walk and talk.
We look forward to having you join us for this exciting cultural event! 

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