CK’s exciting cultural events coming this summer!

We have have lots of amazing cultural events on this summer! From our popular monthly calligraphy workshop, to a walk & talk at the Guozijian Hutongs, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Calligraphy Workshop – July 6th, August 3rd (Songzhuang Art District)

Join us for our regular calligraphy workshop with master calligrapher Li Kaiping. Calligraphy is now considered an art form, but perhaps you didn’t know that traditionally it was much more – a way to cultivate personal character. It was considered essential for any cultured person to be skilled in calligraphy (as well as the related skill, painting).

When beginning calligraphy, students copy their teacher until they can replicate their calligraphy, writing the same character thousands of times until it is perfect. The amount of ink on the brush, the angle of the brush, the pressure applied and the type of paper used all affect the final character, as you’ll find out!

Learn about the techniques and tools used, and the patience needed, for this wonderful skill in this monthly workshop. The price of 388RMB includes transportation, lunch, a 2-hour workshop and free time to explore the art district where we’re located! A minimum number is needed for this workshop to run.

Rice Dough Figurine Workshop for kids – July 28th (Culture Yard)

In this unique workshop your child will have the chance to work with glutinous rice dough to make a Monkey King figurine, a traditional toy sold on streets and at markets and temple fairs. There will also be a short presentation on the history of the folk art and the Monkey King. 158RMB/child for a 2-hour workshop 3-5pm at Culture Yard (Beixinqiao subway station exit C).

Couples Culture Retreat – August 3rd & 4th (Songzhuang Art District)

Connect with Chinese culture and reconnect with your partner! Join us for this exclusive weekend in Songzhuang Art District where you’ll get to experience four workshops in this unique location, and stay in a beautiful boutique hotel reserved just for retreat participants!

You’ll have the chance to experience traditional Chinese culture in four ways during the retreat:

Chinese painting workshop – learn to paint a pair of mandarin ducks (the Chinese symbol of love) in traditional Chinese shuimo (ink and water) style with experienced teacher Xiao Bing, who lives and works in the art district.

Taichi & Qigong – enjoy this relaxing session of taichi to gently wake your body up and prepare for the day, and special couples qigong where you’ll practice techniques together to enhance your connection.

Ceramics workshop – Make a pair of cups out of clay – or get creative and let your heart lead you to form whatever you’d like! The workshop location displays many ceramic pieces that are sure to inspire you!

Chinese calligraphy workshop – Teacher Li has been doing calligraphy for over 40 years, and you’ll join him in his studio to learn about the basic tools of calligraphy, practice some characters, and finally write a Chinese phrase to express your commitment to each other.

This special experience is open only to 3 couples for the amazing price of just 2588RMB per couple, which includes all transportation, accommodation, workshops, 3 meals and guide for the duration of your visit!

British Club & Cultural Keys Morning Cuppa & Hutong Stroll – August 10th


Join us and the British Club on August 10th as we explore Wudaoying and Guozijian Hutongs near the Confucius Temple. We’ll start with a cuppa at Ho Cafe before taking a gentle stroll along the hutong, learning about its history and exploring the boutiques, before walking to Guozijian and finishing up at Guan Cafe for a final cuppa! All proceeds will be to charity!


Xiaopu Village & Chuzou Market – every Saturday from 4pm in July and August (Songzhuang Art District)

Don’t forget, there are interesting things to see every day in the Culture Boutique and the artists village where we’re located! Come by for Feiyue, art and calligraphy from us, and in the village, the boutique stores, cafes, restaurants and country atmosphere. We especially recommend you come on a Saturday when you can enjoy the market just around the corner from our Culture Centre. Artists, antique dealers, florists, booksellers – you’ll find all manner of interesting curios and people here!

The market runs every Saturday at Chuzou Cafe from 4pm in July and August in Xiaopu Village, in Songzhuang Artists District. If the weather is bad, the event may be cancelled, so do check ahead to be sure!

If you’d like to sign up for any of the above events, or for more information, please add AJDonnelly on WeChat, or email us at [email protected] And be sure to check back often, as we’ll be adding even more events and details as the summer goes on!

What are your plans for a cultural summer this year? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter. We are always happy to hear from you!

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